Couch to ultra marathon, can it be done?

Current weight 111kgs
Height 174cms
BMI 37 (Obese)

This blog will be a diary of the highs, lows and hows of my personal shit fight to go from couch potato to ultra marathon. I will keep it secret from my friends and family for now because I’m a bit embarrassed to be honest, but maybe other will read it and get on board? I actually don’t know how anyone will find this blog but if by some chance you stumble on this, then welcome and enjoy my own private hell!!

So here goes. I’ve never been very athletic, throughout my life. I did bits a pieces but nothing spectacular. I did however get fit in my late 20’s, competing in adventure racing and some mountain biking events. I was involved with a local training squad where I lived and enjoyed the social aspect as well as the events. It really became a lifestyle. Not a fad. I’ve tried heaps of those – Insert Crossfit, Gyms, running around the block, starving myself and the list goes on. I think I really didn’t stick to these because they are hard and boring. I don’t relate to the Lorna Jane woman, with their 3/4 tights and the super motivational quote tops that are clearly designed advertise to the world that “I workout” where ever they may be, usually in the supermarket or school pick ups. When I was fit, and competing in these events where no one wears Lorna Jane, I was proud of myself. Not because I could fit into anything I wanted, as a matter of fact I really don’t remember thinking about my body at all. All I remember is that I was happy, and proud of myself.

Don’t get155892_10150121956336145_3526274_n me wrong, I wasn’t winning these events. I was usually the last one across the line, passing the event crews who were packing down. The Anaconda Adventure race I did one year, my partners family were worried I was lost because I had taken so long! I was near last off the swim, fell out of my kayak a million times, had stomach cramps on the run and managed to claw my way to third last after the mtb leg. However I still remember running the last 1km with my father in law, running hand in hand with my coach over the line, hugging the people who came all the way just to see me come in 3rd last place. I didn’t win but damn I was proud.

I did this for a couple of years then I was bullied at work and was fired. It all sort of fell apart after that. My anxiety which I have battled with throughout my life became this heavy dark weight that was always with me. I can’t explain how it happened but for anyone who has experienced anxiety or depression, you will know that feeling. So I became a slave to this monster. I wasn’t completely incapable of life, but I really just existed on the bare essentials. Drinking, eating, making excuses. You know the drill so I won’t bang on about it. We all know how this happens.

Now, I’m 34, fat, tired and ready to get on with life. I want to get back to what makes me happy. It has nothing to do with size, or weight or how I look. I just want a body that can satisfy the demands of a life that makes me happy. I want a body that can run and get out of bed in the morning feeling refreshed instead of run down and sore.

So being an all or nothing type person, I have set up a schedule of events for 2017 that I will train for and compete in that will hopefully get me back to happy again. Disclaimer: When I say happy, I mean happy with myself and my achievements – I have the most amazing family and am so in love with my life. I’m the weak link here, the last piece of the puzzle. Once I’m back to healthy, my life will be more perfect than Ryan Gosling’s smile 🙂

So here it is, my schedule – Couch to Ultra Marathon.

29/01/2017 SC Run Series On Road Run 2kms
5/03/2017 SC Run Series On Road Run 5kms
18/03/2017 Paddy Pallin AR Adventure Race 15kms
9/04/2017 SC Run Series On Road Run 10kms
22/04/2017 Adventuregaine Adventure Race 24hrs
20/08/2017 Sunshine Coast Marathon On Road Run 42kms
21/10/2017 Blackall 100 Off Road Run 50kms
15/11/2017 Alpine Challenge Off Road Run 60kms
1/02/2018 Old Ghost Road Ultra Off Road Run 85kms

9 thoughts on “Couch to ultra marathon, can it be done?

    1. Hi David thanks so much for getting in touch. Life has changed since I started this blog. But you have inspired me to get back to my goals. Yes I’ve lost weight but running hasn’t been a priority. I’ll post a new blog within the next few days.


      1. Great, I’m looking forward to it. I have big aspirations too. I am about to be 48, and on my 50th birthday I want to run a century (100 miles) I don’t know how it’s going to end up but I ran 1 mile this morning…I have a long way to go. I’m curious what your new goals are and if you still have running as a part of them…and maybe what you have gone through and learned so far.


  1. 100 Miles wow. That’s a great goal. One thing to remember is to take each day at a time. Focus on your diet and daily goals and eventually everything will come together. I’ll post about where I’m at tonight and what my goals are from now. Where do you live David?


    1. Hello again Hayley, It’s a kinda far out there goal, the most I have ever run was 14 miles and that was several years ago But, I can see that my health has gotten way out of control. I have to do something, and having something extreme to work for is best for me…Like you, I’m an all or nothing kind of guy.
      I want to balance it out by lifting upper body on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and run on Tuesday, Thursday, and my log run on Saturday….that’s my plan right now. For me the diet is really hard to because, unfortunately, I like to eat….and I work a lot so it’s tough to get a good meal out.
      I live just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, in the U.S.


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